The National Agency at DAAD offers a new Bologna Hub Training Webinar. The training comprises a video and webinar series which concentrate on the basics of learning outcomes, examples of designing successful modules as well as grade conversion.

Each video will be followed by a webinar, which will offer an opportunity to discuss concrete questions with our expert, Professor Anthony John Vickers. Professor Vickers is Head of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex and has also been active as a Bologna expert for many years. He will share with us his wide range of experiences within higher education and the development of study programmes.


  • “From degree profiles to the classroom” (ca. 30 min.) – To the video
  • “Work based learning” (ca. 30 min.) – To the video
  • “Grade conversion” (ca. 30 min) – To the video


The participation for the webinars is free of charge and does not require a separate registration.

Technical advice

  • Please check, if your computer has functional speakers and make sure they are turned on before you log on to the webinar.
  • As soon as you activate the link, the registration mask will automatically upload. It might take a couple of seconds.
  • Please log on to the guest access. You don´t need a password.
  • To ease up the communicational exchange between Professor Vickers and all other participants, we recommend logging on to the system with your name and institution. (for example: Jasmina Nikolic, NA DAAD)
  • Please note, the webinar will be recorded and published on our website. Your username will be visible, but no further references to your person are shown unless you indicate your original name.
  • The specification of a freely selectable username, which is visible to all participants, is for the webinar required in accordance to the German legislation paragraph Art. 6 (1) lit. b) legitimised.

Please follow this webinar diagnose test to make sure that your computer- and networking connections are installed correctly.