At the end of 2021/beginning of 2022, the European Commission intends to present a “European Strategy for Higher Education”. It is intended to provide incentives for transformation at universities and to support universities in their transformation process.

The strategy aims to cover the four missions of higher education institutions “Research, Education, Innovation, Contribution to Society” and to create stronger synergies between the European Research and Education Area.

In initial rounds of consultation, the following pillars were identified for the new strategy:

  • Inclusion, gender equality and lifelong learning
  • The digital and green transition
  • Micro-credentials
  • A European degree
  • A modernised European Quality Assurance system
  • The idea of a European University Statute (for the European Universities and other higher education alliances)
  • Development of university curricula in the field of technology and ICT
  • European Student Card and Erasmus+ App
  • Further development of automatic mutual recognition
  • European innovative strength

The “European Universities” have an important place in the framework of the strategy, as the existing alliances are seen as “pioneers” of a transformation. A public consultation on the strategy will be published shortly.