The DAAD is tendering a total of eight interdisciplinary “Global Centres” to tackle global challenges. Four centres are to be set up to conduct research into climate issues and another four for research into health and pandemic issues. The German Federal Foreign Office is providing funding of some EUR 22 million up until 2025 for the establishment of the centres.

German higher education institutions can apply to establish one of the eight centres and work closely with partner organisations, both German and international. The centres are to be established in the countries of the Global South, with each receiving EUR 600,000 in funding per year, initially up until 2025 but with the possibility of extension until 2030.

Important factors for potential centres are an interdisciplinary approach, strong international networking across different continents and a close-knit exchange between science, politics, business and civil society to ensure that new findings are put into practice. A wide range of funding measures are also available to interested higher education institutions to establish global centres: these range from digital exchange formats in research and teaching and the development of study programmes to personnel exchanges, scholarships and the establishment of guest chairs.

Centres for health

The four centres for health and pandemic provision are to focus on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. The aim is to expand and improve prevention, treatment and response mechanisms in relation to health and pandemic issues. As such, these centres will network closely with national and international disease control authorities and non-university research institutions as well as the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry.

Centres for climate research

The four centres for climate and environment will cover a range of subject-specific and transnational perspectives to work on research questions such as the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases and the promotion of a climate-friendly economy as well as adaptation to the consequences of climate change. In addition to climate research, they will also involve disciplines such as engineering, natural and social sciences in order to address climate and environmental issues.

Selection process for the centres

A two-stage procedure is planned for the selection of the centres. Higher education institutions can initially submit an expression of interest with a project outline by the end of November. After a kick-off event for pre-selection and networking in mid-December, the anticipated submission date will be 23 February.

Further Information

Please direct any questions to:

Benjamin Schmäling
Head of Section, Transnational Education Projects in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America
DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
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