At the end of February 2021, the EU member states agreed on a new common framework for European educational cooperation 2021-2030. This is closely aligned with the goals for creating an European Education Area by 2025.

The following five strategic priorities characterize the new strategic framework:

  • Improving quality, equity, inclusion and success in favor of fair and equal access to the education system for all
  • Achieving lifelong learning and mobility for all
  • Improving the competencies and motivation of teachers in education professions
  • Strengthening European higher education
  • Supporting the green and digital transformation in and through (education and) training

In the area of higher education, the focus is on the full implementation of the European Higher Education Initiative as well as on close coordination with developments within the Bologna Process, such as the European Research Area, in order to avoid duplication of structures and instruments. Reference is also made to the transformation agenda for universities planned by the EU Commission. For the higher education sector, the target for the proportion of university graduates (25-34 year-olds) is also set at 45%. The new strategic framework for European education cooperation follows the “ET 2020 Strategy” (Education and Training 2020), which expired at the end of December 2020.

In the implementation of the new strategic framework, the proven instruments of the ET2020 strategy will be used (working groups, meetings of the directors general, peer learning). An interim evaluation is planned for 2025.