On 21 September, the EU Commission launched a new edition of the Erasmus+ app. The new app, available in all EU languages, gives every student a digital European Student Card that is valid throughout the EU.

The app provides a central platform for mobile Erasmus+ students to facilitate administration and access to a wide range of services, such as paying in the canteen, borrowing books from university libraries or transferring academic credits digitally within Europe. More than 4000 higher education institutions are currently involved in the “Erasmus without Paper” network, which enables them to exchange data securely and to identify learning agreements more easily. This digital collaboration enables the introduction and wide recognition of the European Student Card.

App Functions

With the new app, which works on Android and iOS systems, students can:

  • search for and select their destination among their university partners;
  • sign their online learning agreement;
  • discover events and useful tips about their place of study and get in touch with other students;
  • obtain their analogue European Student Card to access services, museums, cultural activities and special offers at their host university and in their country.

The new version of the tool is an important step towards the advancing digitalisation of the Erasmus+ programme. However, in view of the use of different software solutions for administration in the universities, the app still faces the challenge of being interoperable.