+++ Event format changed +++

Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and connected travel restrictions, we need to change our planning for this conference. The conference will not be able to take place physically, we currently look into possibilities to offer an online exchange on the topic. We will inform you on this website about further planning.

The conference will provide room to showcase a wide variety of projects, initiatives and programmes related to the internationalisation of teacher education. The online publication of all submitted posters will allow for prior information sharing and networking via this event page.

All participants are warmly invited to contribute!
The procedure to partake in the session with your own poster is, as follows:

1. Express your interest

Please express your interest to create a poster in the context of the conference, when registering to the event here before 24 April.

2. Create your poster

Please use this poster template (font size not less than 26) Download: Template_Poster Session_Teacher Conference (pptx, 104.71 KB)
to present your project/ programme/ initiative and submit it to
teacher-conference@daad.de as soon as available, including the following:

  • the title of your project/initiative
  • the name of your institution
  • a picture corresponding with your poster; in landscape format, 300×169
  • a website link and/ or contact (email address) to be published on the poster session webpage

Please note that the empty text and picture boxes in the template can be rearranged in a flexible way, according to your needs and preferences. When in doubt, please contact teacher-conference@daad.de.

3. Find all posters online

All posters, submitted in the format of the template, will continuously be uploaded on the event page. This already serves as a good opportunity to get in touch with other participants beforehand and pre-arrange meetings during the conference in Brussels!

Please note that we reserve the right to check the suitability of all posters first. If modifications should be required, we will contact you as soon as possible.

4. Present your poster at the conference

We will inform all applicants before the the 1 May about the selection of posters, which will be printed and set up at the conference by the event organisers.

The final deadline for the submission of posters (as .pptx) is the 13 May.