Twinning Project: Strengthening capacities for quality assurance and governance of qualifications

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The EU-funded Twinning Project “Strengthening capacities for quality assurance and governance of qualifications” is a 21-month project with over 120 missions of experts to align the policy and guidelines of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) with EU standards. The project is implemented by the DAAD in partnership with the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA).

Twinning is a European Union instrument for institutional cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States and of beneficiary or partner countries. Twinning projects bring together public sector expertise from EU Member States and beneficiary countries with the aim of achieving concrete mandatory operational results through peer to peer activities.

The overall objective of the Twinning project launched in July 2019, is to contribute to human capital development by improving quality assurance, transparency and governance of skills and qualifications in a lifelong learning (LLL) perspective. Within 21 months over 120 EU expert missions with total of more than 600 working days will be implemented to support the NCEQE and partners to implement and monitor the new/reformed quality assurance framework of education through improved institutional capacities, effective instruments and procedures, participative governance, and delivery of relevant information to stakeholders and the population.

The Twinning project comprises three components. The objective to

  1. strengthen quality assurance of education and training in a LLL perspective;
  2. contribute to the implementation of the new National Qualifications Framework;
  3. contribute to an improved model of governance, monitoring and dissemination of NCEQE’s outputs.

In April 2019, the NCEQE (National Center for Educational Quality enhancement) became a member of ENQA, the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and of EQAR, the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education.

This Twinning project is an additional step of Georgia and of the beneficiary institution – NCEQE – on the way of implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and of becoming a fully recognised family member of the European (Higher) Education Area.

In the framework of the Twinning project, EU experts will draft guidelines with practical proposals considering the best regulatory practices of implementation of European Qualification Framework (EQF) as well as considering national circumstances in Georgia, thus ensuring smooth implementation of ENQA recommendations endorsed for NCEQE to meet requirements of the full membership.


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