The National Agency within the DAAD

The DAAD has been acting as the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation within the Erasmus+ programme and its predecessors on behalf of the BMBF since 1987. It is thus one of the most experienced agencies in Europe.

The National Agency is an independent department within the DAAD. In addition to implementing the decentrally administered Erasmus+ actions (mobility of individuals, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships), the National Agency is also an information and advisory body for higher education programmes that are administered in Brussels, and for the Bologna and ASEM Education Processes.

Since 1987 the EU’s education programmes have become important instruments for the internationalisation of German higher education institutions. The current Erasmus+ support programmes foster long-term academic cooperation, for instance through student and higher education staff mobility but also through Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships and capacity-building projects. In addition, the National Agency supports German higher education institutions in their internationalisation concepts.

National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation

Additional information on Erasmus+, applications and deadlines can be found on the National Agency’s website.


Screenshot of map with location of DAAD-office marked