Dual Learning: Combining Practice-Orientated and Theoretical Learning in Higher Education


On 20 April 2015 37 participants from 13 different EU member states (representatives of ministries, permanent representations and stakeholder organisations) as well as EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament) came together to discuss different models of “dual learning” (= combining practice-oriented and theoretical learning) in higher education. Specific emphasis was placed on the German model of “dual study programmes”that combines a higher education degree with elements of vocational training.

The workshop’s aim was to exchange information on “dual learning” programmes in higher education in European countries, identify good practice and discuss the potential of developing a “dual learning” approach in interested European countries where similar forms of study do not currently exist.

An article on “Dual Study Programms – The DAAD and the European Perspective” can be found on the DAAD website (in German).

A summary of the European expert seminar can be found here:

The dual study programme “Scientific Programming”:

The interest of employers to contribute to higher education training:


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