Events 2021

Overview of all events from 2021

Event on Higher Education in Emergencies

On 30.11.21, the DAAD, Campus France, Nuffic, the GJU and SPARK took stock of the projects financed by the EU Madad Fund and discuss future support possibilities.


Defending Academic Freedom by Supporting Students at Risk

On 16 November, the DAAD, NAWA and HK-dir were organising a joint event on academic freedom, students at risk and the role of the EU.


Towards comprehensive mobility approaches: marrying the inclusion, sustainability and the digital agendas

This year, the annual ACA membership event takes place in a hybrid format on the question of how to deliver on inclusive, green and digital mobility.

House wall with graffiti "The Future is Europe

EU Higher Education Policy Initiatives 2021

The DAAD Brussels Office and the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation in the DAAD are organising an online seminar on current developments and initiatives in EU higher education policy.



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