Internationalising Teacher Education in Europe - Is virtual collaboration the new way to go?


Teachers are working in an increasingly globalised environment and in multicultural classrooms. International experience and intercultural knowledge are therefore crucial for those studying to become a teacher.

In order to further promote the internationalisation of teacher education and to highlight the role that virtual collaboration may play, DAAD and Diku Norway organised two online conferences:

Part I: Policy & Programmes // 9 June, 10.00-11.30 AM

  • The first online event presented the EU ministers’ conclusions on the topic “teacher and trainers for the future”, introduced the political and programme context on both national and EU level, shared the results of a European survey and introduced the concept of virtual collaboration in teacher education.
  • Webinar programme – Part I [PDF 225.26 KB]

Part II: Practical Examples & Recommendations // 10 June, 10.00-11.30 AM

  • The second online event looked more in depth at the practical implementation of virtual collaboration to strengthen the internationalisation of teacher education. Representatives from higher education institutions in Europe presented practical examples and provided recommendations on the benefits, challenges and limits of virtual learning for teacher education students.
  • Webinar programme – Part II [PDF 249.98 KB]

All links that have been shared throughout the event can be found here: List of links to further information [PDF 135.20 KB].

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