European Parliament calls for EU treaty changes

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The Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament (EP) has adopted a report by several MEPs containing proposals to amend the EU treaties. These also relate to education. The Parliament adopted the report with the proposals to amend the treaties on 22 November.

The measures proposed in the report aim to strengthen the EU’s ability to act and increase its democratic legitimacy and accountability. They include a bicameral system and the Parliament’s full right of initiative as well as the right to co-decide on the EU’s long-term budget. They also call for an increase in the number of decisions taken by qualified majority in the Council.

In the area of education, the proposed revision of the treaty aims to establish shared competences between the EU and the member states. The report follows Parliament’s resolution of 9 June 2022, which called for the convening of a convention to revise the treaties (Link).

The Council is asked to submit the EP’s proposals to the European Council without delay. At the same time, the European Council is invited to convene a Convention as soon as possible, in accordance with the EU’s ordinary revision procedure (Article 48(2) to (5) of the Treaty on European Union).


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