Transatlantic High-Level Roundtable “Towards a common framework for EU-US higher education”

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On 2 May 2024, IIE and DAAD convened a high-level roundtable in Washington, DC, bringing together U.S. and European stakeholders to advance transatlantic partnerships in Higher Education (HE). This significant event built upon the first DAAD and IIE roundtable organised in Brussels in October 2023 (link), ahead of the EU-U.S. Summit, which underscored the critical role of transatlantic relationships, and committed to increasing support for academic exchanges over the next five years.

The goals of the Transatlantic High-Level Roundtable were to:

  • Map current opportunities to boost research, student mobility, and people-to-people exchanges.
  • Discuss the importance of supporting and expanding programs.
  • Explore the feasibility of a common framework for collaborative activities and share successful models of cross-institutional and multilateral partnerships.
  • Identify the next steps to advance transatlantic partnerships in HE.

Based on the discussion outcomes, IIE and DAAD decided to:

  • Overcome the information gap in transatlantic partnerships by regularly providing focused and comprehensive state-of-play reports.
  • Establish a digital platform to share existing opportunities in the field of transatlantic HE collaboration.
  • Disseminate information about transatlantic exchange and cooperation to the wider public.
  • Continue transatlantic roundtables to foster cross-sectoral and cross-country knowledge exchange and goodwill (next edition taking place in spring 2025 in Europe).


Screenshot of map with location of DAAD-office marked