Building alliances for development in higher education and research

In 2024, the S-DHG Forum gathers in Brussels, Belgium on 12-13 November. This 14th gathering will be convened by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the European Commission, VLIR-UOS and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

In the course of two days, the theme “Building alliances for development in higher education and research” will be explored.

Day 1 will focus on the role of higher education and research in the Global Gateway strategy of the European Union.  Together with partners from different sectors and regions as well as the wider public, participants will discuss how we can shape international cooperation and development. The day will be concluded with an evening reception and poster session that will offer networking opportunities between S-DHG members and the public.  

Day 2 will focus on the S-DHG network development and address the topic of higher education in emergencies. Participants will discuss ways to provide academic support in these contexts and take a deep dive into academic support for Ukraine.  In addition to this lead topic, day 2 will offer various opportunities to share practical knowledge and learn from one another. The day will start with interactive breakout sessions and a world café, where participants can bring their own questions or ideas and co-develop these with other S-DHG members. During the day, there will be several workshop sessions addressing Global Gateway in practice, regional developments, higher education in emergencies, monitoring and evaluation, equal partnerships, and other practical aspects of the S-DHG member activities.

Find all further information here: Draft Programme S-DHG 2024 [PDF 134.94 KB]

The Forum of the Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Higher Education Group (S-DHG) is an annual gathering of prominent agencies, international organisations and associations dedicated to supporting and funding higher education in international cooperation. 

The objectives of the S-DHG Forum are to share expertise and experiences, to enhance cooperation among funding and implementing agencies of capacity development and cooperation programmes, and to provide a networking platform for relevant resource organisations in the higher education and research sector. Initially DHG (former name) was set up to bring the Paris Declaration (2005) into practice, hence the reference to the aspect of donor harmonisation. However, at the first meeting in Scheveningen, the Netherlands in 2010 that objective proved to be unrealistic, as most educational cooperation programmes had a strong reciprocal benefit policy. However, the ambition to prevent overlap in activities, to find ways to collaborate with each other, and to share expertise and experiences continued to guide the annual meetings since then. The organisation of the forum rotates between the different participating organisations, as no permanent structure or secretariat was established.  

For S-DHG Forum participants, a room contingent has been reserved at the NH Grand Place Arenberg.

  • 11.11.2024: 165,40€/per night
  • 12.11.2024: 194,10€/per night

Please book until 25/09 via the link below:
Please note, each guest can book only one room at once.

Further information

12 November: 2:00 pm-7:30 pm
13 November: 09:00 am – 5:45 pm, followed by a joint dinner

Where? Brussels, Belgium
The Square, Coudenberg 1,1000 Brussels

Registration? Registration for Day 1 will be published soon.
Please note that Day 2 is reserved for invited participants only. Members of the S-DHG Network will receive a separate registration link in their invitation.



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